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Hardcover with dusjacket IN FINE CONDITION, slipcase, 418 pages, Illustrated. ISBN 9781851772919. Spanish Pottery 1248-1898 is a catalogue of the V&A's collection which is one of the most important outside Spain. It brings together objects made over seven centuries illustrating them with over 1000 black and white and 261 colour illustrations. Yet at the same time it is conceived as a general history of Spanish pottery, and thus includes comparative pieces from other collections to give a fuller picture. It is the first book in English to present an overall view of the subject and the first in any language to present Spanish pottery in a historical rather than a regional context. This major work is the result of many years of research in the great public and private collections in Spain and elsewhere in Europe, and is a definitive work of reference based on careful study of original documents and of the literature of the subject.

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