• Librería: Libreria Govi Alberto (Italia)
  • ILAB-LILA Member
  • Año de publicación: 1630
  • Editor: Jean and Gaspard Bernard
  • Sugetos: seicento
  • Peso del envío: 750 g
  • Lugar de publicación: Pont-à-Mousson

Notas Bibliográficas

4to (246x179 mm). [8], 264 pp. Collation: A4, 2A-Z4 Aa-Kk4. Engraved architectural title page with the Bourbons' coat-of-arms at head, woodcut initials and headpieces, typographical ornaments, 133 engravings, some full page, in the text. Contemporary limp vellum, spine with inked title and ornaments (lacking ties and endpapers). Some general browning due to the quality of the paper, light dampstain to the lower margin in the final leaves, some spotting, all in all a good, genuine copy.

Second, greatly enlarged edition (first published in 1620) of this rare book on fireworks and military technology.
"Dedicating the book, it is believed, to Gaston, duc d'Orleans, the younger brother of Louis XIII, Hanzelet sought to instruct the royal prince in "the most ingenious, proven secrets of machines and fireworks for besieging, attacking, surprising and defending all places.' The running head of this military manual reads "Machines and Fireworks for War and Recreation,' but only 30 of its 264 pages would be of an help to "le Maitre du grand feu d'artifice' preparing a spectacular pyrotechnical display for royal fete. Written midway through the Thirty Years War (1618-48) Hanzelet's work is principally concerned with artillery, fortifications, bridges, barricades, pontoons, scaling ladders, mines, mortars, bombs, petards, and other infernal machines used to attack, besige and defend. It is profusely illustrated, almost every page carrying a well-executed engraving. Many appear fanciful rather than practical, but the only one showing how black powder was made is the last one in the volume" (N.B. Wilkinson, Making Powder, by Jean Appier Hanzelet, in: "Technology and Culture", vol. 6, no. 4, Autumn 1965, pp. 633-635).
"Appier had previously published Recueil de Plusiers Machines Militaires, et feux Artificials, pour la Guerre e Recreation (Pont-à-Mousson, 1620), in collaboration with Francois Thybourel, a self-styled "Maistre Chyrurgien'. It is to that volume that Francis Malthus referred in the preface to his 1629 English edition of A Treatise of Artificial Fire-vrorkes. Following a bitter dispute with Thybourel concerning the order of names on the title-page of "A description of many military machines, and artificial fireworks for war and recreation' [the first edition was printed with two variant title-pages], Appier made certain that there would be no doubts about the authorship of "The Pyrotechnics' of Hanzelet Lorraine where are described the most rare and most learned secrets of machines and of fireworks when it was issued one decade later. Most of the text is cast in the form of a dialogue between a General and a Captain, with the reader benefiting from the Captain's sage advice; a literary device later used by Galileo in his Dialogo sopra i due massimi sistemi del mondo (Florence, 1632). Even though Appier introduced much new material on rockets, stars and other fireworks, such as squibs and crackers, in "The Pyrotechnics', he also reused many of the engravings as well as some text from his earlier volume on military machines and fireworks" (Brown University Library).
Jean Appier Hanzelet was born in Haraucourt, near Saint-Nicolas-de-Port (Meurthe-et-Moselle). He was the son of the engineer of the Duke of Lorraine. He worked as an engraver from at least 1617. Subsequently he was removed from his position as "sworn" printer at the University of Pont-à-Mousson for having printed a book without permission. According to some, he left for Italy in 1630. He collaborated with the printer Jean Bernard.

Cockle 938; USTC, 6805289; Lotz 130; Jahns 1199; Riling 105; Berlin Katalog, 3295; Philip, A 140.4..

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