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52 weekly parts in 4 vols., roy. 8vo., First Edition, profusely illustrated in colour and monochrome throughout; all original parts housed in publisher's pictorial card binders, all binders, parts and packs in near fine state. A major partwork from Marshall Cavendish edited by John Pimlott, then Deputy Head of War Studies at RMA Sandhurst. Produced in 'magazine' format, the work as a whole makes full use of its size and space to create a lucid, vivid and valuable account of the conflict.The arrangement of the partwork is complex. The content of each number is arranged in four strands: Background, Campaign, Eyewitness and Home Front. In addition each of numbers 1-52 is accompanied by a separate numbered 'pack' containing a large coloured folding campaign map, a reproduction newspaper of the day and one or more items of ephemera such as reproduction documents. The work as a whole is a worthy complement to Purnell's 'History'; taken together the two partworks provide an impressive pictorial archive. COMPLETE SETS IN THIS FORMAT AND CONDITION ARE SCARCE.

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