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  • Librería: B & L Rootenberg (Stati Uniti)
  • ILAB-LILA Member
  • Año de publicación: 1914
  • Editor: Verteneuil & Desmet
  • Sugetos: ,Ornithology, belgian imprints, 20th century, books in parts, art & illustrated books
  • Peso del envío: 750 g
  • Lugar de publicación: Brussels

Notas Bibliográficas

FIRST EDITION With 43 fine chromolithographic plates, many finished by hand-coloring. All 26 parts in their original printed wrappers and in excellent condition. Preserved in a folding cloth box with a spine label. First edition. This is the complete set of serial monographs on various groups of birds, with contributions by leading British and European ornithologists such as Sclater, Bowdler Sharpe, Ogilvie-Grant, Hartert, Hellmayr, Salvadori, and others. The magnificent color plates after paintings by Keulemans and Grönvold include 11 stunning illustrations of parrots. According to Zimmer, the intention was to have the complete series embrace all avian groups. This series was edited by the Belgian ornithologist and entomologist, Wytsman (1866-1925), who authored the work on the second family, the Todidae. The text consists of a brief general account of each family, in regard to its relationships and technical history, keys to the genera and species, with their principal synonymy and geographical distribution. The work will thus be of great convenience and value as a synopsis of the birds of the world.

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