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Folio (ca. 274 x 367 mm). (6), 77, (3) pp. With 22 numbered illustrations in the text, and 50 numbered collotype plates, 5 of which in colour. Contemporary cloth with giltstamped title. A facsimile edition of the four-volume chronicle of the Hundred Years' War between England and France (1337-1453), by the French scholar Jean Froissart (ca. 1337-1405), showing 50 of its most splendid miniatures in collotype prints. It was passed down in numerous manuscripts. This edition is based on the "Breslau Froissart", formerly in the possession of the humanist Thomas Rehdiger, who left his collection of books to the city of Breslau when he died in 1576. Today, the manuscript is kept at the Berlin State Library. Dedicated to Dr. Richard Foerster, chairman of the "Verein für Geschichte der bildenden Künste zu Breslau". - A small tear near the gutter of the title-page and the following page, some small creases in the tissue paper between the plates. Last in the possession of the Viennese collector Werner Habel, with his stamped ownership to the flyleaf.

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