• Librería: Libreria Antiquaria Rappaport (Italia)
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  • Editor: Lyon, Vincentius, 1619-1618-1618-1617.
  • Sugetos: memoria, mnemonica, mnemotecnica, memory, mnemonics

Notas Bibliográficas

4 opere in 1 vol. In - 12. Legatura coeva in pergamena con unghie; abilmente ricucita. Con 4 frontespizi stampati in rosso e nero; 3 stemmi e 9 illustrazioni a p. pagina e alcune figure e diagrammi inc. in rame n.t. nelle prime due opere. (24), 120 pp.; (24), 102 (recte 104) pp.; 45 (recte 47), (1) pp.; 220 (recte 216) pp.; antico timbretto sul frontespizio, pochi fogli un po' impolverati.
Interessante raccolta di quattro rare opere di mnemonica, tutte in prima edizione (la prima è in seconda tiratura). Wellcome I, 4694, 4692, 4693. Krivatsy 8495, 8496, 8497. Young, Bibliogr. of Memory, pp.265 - 266. Yates, Art of Memory, pp.300 - 301. Rossi, Logic and the Art of Memory, p.92: «Between 1617 and 1619 (at the same time as the young Descartes began to express his interest in Lullism and the arts of memory) the works by Johannes Paepp were published in Lyons. One of these works, the Schenkelius detectus seu memoria artificialis hactenus occultata was a detailed commentary on Schenckel’s Ars memoriae, a work which Descartes knew well. In the Artificiosae memoriae fundamenta and the Introductio facilis in praxim artificiosae memoriae, Paepp set out to expound the Aristotelian, Ciceronian and Thomist doctrines on memory, but he had also patently been influenced by the Lullist tradition, and was familiar with its most significant exponents, from Bruno to Alsted. Following in the footsteps of Alsted, he fiercely criticized the denigrators of the art, and defended the idea of the interdependence of logic and mnemotechnics: while logic was necessary for some of the arts and disciplines, he argued, memory was indispensable for all forms of knowledge... A substantial part of his work is devoted to a discussion of the doctrines of Bruno...»
An interesting collection of four rare works on artificial memory, all in first edition (second issue of the first one). Four titles printed in red and black, 3 finely engr. full - page coat of arms, nine full page text illustrations, and numerous tables and diagrams in the text. Small old stamp and owner's name on title, some mild toning of the paper, but generally a good copy in contemp. vellum, neatly recased.

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