• Librería: General secondhand bookshop Calvello Books (Owl & Co. Bookshop) (Stati Uniti)
  • Año de publicación: 1997
  • Editor: Simon & Schuster
  • EAN: 9780684830803
  • Sugetos:
  • Encuadernación: Paperback
  • Lugar de publicación: New York
  • Condiciones: Very good, light toning to inside jacket, end leaves. Faint curl and war to outer edge of wrappers.

Notas Bibliográficas

Large octavo brown; 398 pages ; 21 cm inscribed and signed by author. || Contents: Invocation of the Twofold Goddess -- 1. Mother, Lover, Priestess -- 2. Mother, Help! -- 3. Elder Sister's Story -- 4. The Refiner's Fire -- 5. Aphrodite's Rebellion -- 6. The Demon Lover -- 7. The Sacred Masculine -- 8. Sex and Ritual -- 9. Lingam, Yoni, and Serpent -- 10. The Journey of a Tantrica -- 11. The Story of a Nun -- 12. The Sacred Marriage -- 13. The Royal Path -- 14. Joanne's Marriage -- 15. Halfness -- 16. The Descent of the Goddess -- 17. Pamina's Descent -- 18. A Healing Marriage -- 19. Remembering the Cross -- 20. Healing the Motherwound -- 21. The Making of a Priestess -- 22. Sexuality and Evil -- 23. The Tiger Mother: Guardian of Boundaries -- 24. Cunt Healing -- 25. Spitting Nickels and Breaking Free -- 26. Initiations of the Female Body -- 27. The Final Initiation -- 28. The Story of a Wisewoman. || Join Jalaja Bonheim on a fascinating journey of exploration as she invites dozens of women from a wide range of spiritual traditions and backgrounds to tell the stories of their sexual experiences. By sharing our stories, and by contemplating them in the context of the spiritual journey, we begin to heal centuries of repression and shame and rediscover the innocence and beauty of sexual pleasure. The stories gathered in this extraordinary book open our eyes to the rarely. Acknowledged power of sexual experience to serve as spiritual teacher and guide.

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