• Librería: General secondhand bookshop Calvello Books (Owl & Co. Bookshop) (Stati Uniti)
  • Año de publicación: 2000
  • Editor: Warner Bros. Records, Inc. : Rhino Entertainment Co.
  • EAN: 0737901640
  • Sugetos: Black Studies
  • Encuadernación: Hardcover
  • Lugar de publicación: Los Angeles, CA
  • Condiciones: All components (box, sleeves, booklet, etc) fine to near fine+.

Notas Bibliográficas

Nince CDs in original box; includes: 1 book (76 pages : illustrations, photographs) Classic comedy routines by the African American comedian Richard Pryor, plus 90 minutes of previously unreleased material from the Warner Bros. vaults and Pryor's private collection. Contents: Disc 1. Richard Pryor: Super nigger--Girls--Farting--Prison play--T.V. panel show--Smells--Army life--Frankenstein. -- Disc 2. That nigger's crazy: I hope I'm funny--Nigger with a seizure--Have your ass home by 11:00--Black & white life styles--Exorcist--Wino dealing with Dracula--Flying saucers--Back down--Black man/white woman--Niggers vs. the police--Wino & Junkie. -- Disc 3. Is it something I said?: Eulogy--Shortage of white people--New niggers--Cocaine--Just us--Mudbone--When your woman leaves you--Goodnight kiss--Women are beautiful--Our text for today--Ali. -- Disc 4. Bicentennial nigger: Hillbilly--Black & white women--Our gang--Bicentennial prayer--Black Hollywood--Mudbone goes to Hollywood--Chinese restaurant--Acid--Bicentiannial nigger. -- Disc 5 and 6: Wanted/Richard Pryor, Live in concert: New Year's eve--White and Black people--Black funerals--Discipline--Heart attacks--Ali--Keeping in shape--Leon Spinks--Dogs and horses--Jim Brown--Monkeys--Kids--Nature--Things in the woods--Deer hunter--Chinese food--Being sensitive. -- Disc 7: Live on the Sunset Strip: Women--Prison--Africa--Mafia Club--Mudbone--Freebase--Hospital. -- Disc 8. Here and now: Southern hospitality--Slavery--Motherland--I met the president--Fire exit--Mudbone--Inebriated--One night stands--One day at a time--I like women--Being famous--I remember. -- Disc 9. That "African-American" is still crazy: Good shit from the faults: Mudbone goes to Washington--Fame--Black messiah--Life--Death--My funeral--Acid--Patty Hearst--Fighting--Law--History lesson--I don't give a fuck--Fame--Therapy--WASPS--Getting older--God--Dog--M.S. || American wit and humor -- 20th century. African American comedians -- Performances. Comedians -- Performances -- United States. African American comedians. American wit and humor. Comedians. Pryor, Richard, 1940-2005 -- Performances.

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