• Librería: Bookshop Pistil Books Online (Stati Uniti)
  • Año de publicación: 1996
  • Editor: EMlak Bankasi
  • Sugetos: Architecture, Housing, Photos, History, Elevations, historical Perspective, Early Anatolia, Pre-Anatolian Turks, Influence, Byzantine ,architecture, Seljuks , Beyliks ,Anatolian Lordiness, Principalities,vernacular House, Physical, Environment, climate ,terrain, local ,building materials , Structural, cultural ,Environment, Anatolia, Mesopotamia, Persia, Caucasia,House, Units, The room, Sofa, service areas and Storeys, Evolution ,Anatolia house Plans, Plans without a Sofa, Exterior sofa plans ,sofa plans, central sofa Plans, Regional, characters , Anatolian, vernacular House, Centers of Development, Anatolia ,Rumelia,Northern Anatolia, Marmara, Thrace, Western Anatolia, Central Anatolia; Eastern ,Southeastern Anatolia , Turkey, Istanbul, Black Sea, Structures, Buildings, Domestic, . Architecture
  • Dimensiones: XL
  • Peso del envío: 750 g
  • Encuadernación: Good Hard Cover
  • Condiciones: Near Fine

Notas Bibliográficas

Book is in excellent condition in embossed black vinyl covers, no print at spine. Page block is made of heavy, glossy paper with a great many full page, full color photos throughout of exteriors, interiors, detail photos and some architectural drawings and paintings. Binding is solid and square, covers have sharp corners, exterior shows no blemishes, text/interior is clean and free of marking of any kind. Dust jacket shows edge wear with chipping and small tears. Contents include: The house in historical perspective, with subsections: Early Anatolia, The Pre-Anatolian Turks, The influence of Byzantine architecture, The Seljuks and Beyliks (Anatolian Lordiness / Principalities).; Factors in the development of the vernacular house, with subsections: The physical environment; climate and terrain, local building materials and structural; The cultural environment; Anatolia, Mesopotamia, and Persia, Caucasia. The house and its units; The room, sofa, service areas and storeys. Evolution of Anatolia house plans; Plans without a sofa, Exterior sofa plans, through sofa plans, central sofa plans.; Regional characters of Anatolian vernacular house, with subsections: Centers of development; Anatolia and Rumelia. Northern Anatolia; Marmara and Thrace; Western Anatolia; Central Anatolia; Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia, etc. 296 pages with a 16 page supplement.

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