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  • Librería: General secondhand bookshop Calvello Books (Owl & Co. Bookshop) (Stati Uniti)
  • Año de publicación: 2018
  • Editor: W.W. Norton & Company
  • Sugetos: Fiction
  • Encuadernación: Paperback
  • Edición: advance reading copy
  • Lugar de publicación: New York
  • Condiciones: Very good (+); slightly bumped and discolored front corner to foot of spine

Notas Bibliográficas

Yellow quarto; 316 pages ; 25 cm Advance reading cop. Novel. || "Politicians have brought the nation to the brink of a third world war in an effort to control the burgeoning population of young males. Working-class men dream of burying the elites. Professors propound theories that offer students only the bleakest future. Into this dyspeptic time, a blue-black book is launched carrying such wisdom as: Imagine there's no God; there is no Heaven or Hell; there is only your son and his son and his son and the world you leave for them -- The weak want you to forgo your destiny just as they've shirked theirs -- A smile is your best bulletproof vest. Are the directives in the Talbott book the secrets to surviving? Or are they something else entirely? When Adjustment Day arrives, it fearlessly makes real the logical conclusion of every separatist fantasy, alternative fact, and conspiracy theory lurking in the American psyche." || National characteristics, American -- Fiction. Conspiracy -- Social movements -- Masculinity|| Satirical literature. Black humor. Social problem fiction.

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