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  1. Thumb_horst-janssen-posters-pieces-designs-drawings-96e1240b-e1ca-46b2-b4af-1e5ecefc6489
    • Librería: Online Bookshop Jim and Mina Stachow (Canada)
    • Notas Bibliográficas: Catalogue accompanying the exhibition at the Museum fur Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg, 1 October - 14 November 1999. 244 plates. "Horst Janssen is a once-in-a-century phenomenon, an impressive and celebrated draughtsman very few can match up to. And yet there are still some - as yet scarcely noticed - facets of his work remaining to be discovered. Janssen's oeuvre confronts the observer like an enormous, artistic moutain massif of countless drawings, woodcuts, etchings, monotypes, watercolours, pictorial letters, postcards and posters. In all of them he broke the bounds of the 'standard measur... leer más
  2. Thumb_medeek-1a5c3840-f416-4e97-a9d5-3711da0ffd5e
    • Librería: Online Bookshop Jim and Mina Stachow (Canada)
    • Notas Bibliográficas: 93 pages. Reproductions of photos of authors. Map of central B.C. coast inside back cover. Written during 1935-36. "Deals with the basic myths, with life in the legendary city of Tum - L - Hama, with a westerly migration that ended on the rocky cliffs of the Kitselas Canyon, some 100 miles up the Skeena River from where Prince Rupert stands." - from Preface. Wright patiently documented William Robinson's stories of the history of his peoples. Small address label atop title page, otherwise unmarked with average external wear and soiling. Binding intact. A sound copy. [Edwards & Lort 4105] leer más
  3. Thumb_under-sign-scorpion-rise-fall-53a7ec6a-5d76-47af-b568-c48a785703bd
    • R.P.N., 2002
    • Librería: Online Bookshop Jim and Mina Stachow (Canada)
    • Notas Bibliográficas: 446 pages. Index. Reproductions of archival black and white photos. "Provides stunning information about the secret role of freemasons in international politics, about the bloody upheavals in france in 1789 and in Russia in 1917... Pursues the history of the Communist idea from the 18th century Illuminati up to Moses Hess and his disciples... Concentrates on the so-called Russian revolutions in 1917... Reveals how 30 million were killed in the Soviet Union, and how millions more suffered unbearably in the GULAG system... and how the perpetrators are still at work today." - from back cover. ... leer más
  4. Thumb_history-royal-canadian-corps-signals-1903-1961-256f31af-942c-4ac3-9583-0c8433b00bd6
    • Librería: Online Bookshop Jim and Mina Stachow (Canada)
    • Notas Bibliográficas: [xii], 366 pages. Glossary. Index. Colour map endpapers. Black and white photographic plates. Diagrams. Ten appendices list various officers, appointees, those killed in action in WWII, the Korean Campaign, and with U.N. forces in the Middle East, and those who received awards in WWII, the Korean Campaign, and in peacetime since 1946. Four fold-out maps, three of which are in colour. Minor soiling and wear to blue cloth-covered boards. Contents very clean, bright and unmarked. Binding sound. Average wear to dust jacket which is now preserved in archival-grade Brodart. A quality copy of this... leer más
  5. Thumb_something-ventured-autobiography-woodhouse-e7a4648a-32b5-4538-958f-fe02aec0a189
    • GRANADA, 1982
    • Librería: Online Bookshop Jim and Mina Stachow (Canada)
    • Notas Bibliográficas: 208 pages. Index. Black and white photographic plates. "Guerrilla fighter, undercover agent, diplomat, Director of Chatham House, chief editor of of Penguin Books, MP for Oxford, industrialist and author, Mr. Woodhouse ventured much.... he spent the war years with the Greek Resistance and describes the hazards of working with rival guerilla groups as well as the rigours of partisan warfare in the mountains... A witty, stylish and above all thought-provoking account of a colorful and distinguished career." - dust jacket. Light wear to clean and unmarked book. Prior owner's blindstamp upon fr... leer más
  6. Thumb_madame-benoit-cooks-home-28b7f4ff-4814-4899-9932-27ecb36931c6
    • Librería: Online Bookshop Jim and Mina Stachow (Canada)
    • Notas Bibliográficas: Signed "In Friendship" upon title page by the author in July 1982 in her home town of Noirmouton, Quebec. "Here at last the legendary Madame Benoit opens the door to the kitchen in her own home, at her sheep farm near Sutton in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. She tells about the joys of cooking at home with her family, and she shares recipes that are her own personal and family favorites from the many she has collected and developed over the years." - dust jacket. "Jehane Benoit is a remarkable woman, filled with exhuberance, warmth and love. Her cooking reflects these qualities. I couldn'... leer más
  7. Thumb_land-thousand-sorrows-australian-prison-journal-58dd1bed-d0f4-453a-b662-a22eee8fb62d
    • Librería: Online Bookshop Jim and Mina Stachow (Canada)
    • Notas Bibliográficas: 174 pages. Footnotes. Index. Black and white photographic plates. Map. Text in English. "Written secretly at Longbottom prison, Lepailleur's day-to-day journal is a unique document. His daily record comments on beatings, thefts, marital relations, wages and prices. A detailed account is given of corrupt officialdom and police brutality, of the hatred inspired by collaborators and the solace brought by religion and the kindliness of neighbours and clergy. Above all, he conveys the emotional dimensions of the experience and the gradual degeneration of the human spirit." - dust jacket. Book cl... leer más
  8. Thumb_black-beyond-102a23a8-a54d-43bc-ac0d-b3d04473cb81
    • Librería: Online Bookshop Jim and Mina Stachow (Canada)
    • Notas Bibliográficas: Signed and inscribed by author upon title page. 138 pages. "A chilling first-person account of the author's experiences of war at sea while in his late teens. On December 26, 1942 as a Merchant Navy radio officer he sailed on the 'Scottish Heather' into the infamous 'black pit,' an area where German U-boats could operate freely on the surface without fear of attack from the air." - back cover. Clean, bright and unmarked with negligible wear. An excellent copy. leer más
  9. Thumb_ottawa-maps-brief-cartographical-history-ottawa-1e35c8eb-33cf-4db9-849b-72697d53b2da
    • Librería: Online Bookshop Jim and Mina Stachow (Canada)
    • Notas Bibliográficas: 87 pages. Bilingual English/French. An informative textual and cartographical presentation of the urban development of Ottawa, Canada. Somewhat above-average wear. Few library markings. Binding intact. A sound reference copy. Former Library Copy leer más
  10. Thumb_look-magazine-july-1939-hate-uncle-adolph-29f8b374-4740-425e-821e-675a2ea1985e
    • LOOK/COWLES, 1939
    • Librería: Online Bookshop Jim and Mina Stachow (Canada)
    • Notas Bibliográficas: 50 pages. Includes a six-page photo-illustrated feature by William P. Hitler, Adolph's nephew "who tells so candidly some things about his uncle that only a relative could know". Other features include: Student Nurses - their work and their uniforms; Stockings - short skirts bring new styles - Willy De Mond (Willy's of Hollywood); Why I Want Roosevelt to Run Again, by Harold L. Ickes; Gatti Pictures - an African Chief takes his 70 wives to the Beauty Parlor; Page of America's 10 most wanted, with photos, by J. Edgar Hoover; Movie Preview - Lady of the Tropics, starring Hedy Lamarr, and Robe... leer más
  11. Thumb_adventures-cooking-british-columbia-women-a93f786c-9697-466b-90c1-a1113b3dcc6d
    • Librería: Online Bookshop Jim and Mina Stachow (Canada)
    • Notas Bibliográficas: 298 pages. Index. Black and white illustrations and reproductions of photos. In addition to providing a wonderful collection of authentic British Columbia recipes, this work includes brief local histories of each of the Women's Institute's sixteen districts represented, making this a marvelous provincial heirloom. Bright white florally decorated boards. Clean and unmarked with light wear. A nice copy of this B.C. favourite. leer más
  12. Thumb_born-under-spruce-tree-accd2bd8-ed6b-492b-9270-7560fbfabd74
    • TALUS, 2012
    • Librería: Online Bookshop Jim and Mina Stachow (Canada)
    • Notas Bibliográficas: 157 pages. Generously illustrated with reproductions of archival black and white photos. The biography of JJ Van Bibber, born of Eliza Van Bibber and Ira Van Bibber in south-central Yukon in 1920. Over the years his activities ranged from the Arctic tundra to the streets of Dawson City, prospecting, trapping, fishing and lumbering. Gift greetings atop half-title page, otherwise unmarked with average wear. A sound copy. leer más
  13. Thumb_jardin-modes-juillet-1948-vacances-58506dd3-5aa9-48e6-865a-ab1b441764ab
    • Librería: Online Bookshop Jim and Mina Stachow (Canada)
    • Notas Bibliográficas: 52 pages. Text in French. Features: Lovely vintage ads; au Soleil la Femme Porte; Sables (six pages of wonderful illustrations and photos of beach fashion for ladies); Travelling/Nord/P.L.M - these three sections feature fashion illustrations, some in colour; Hauts en Couleurs; Derniere Heure; La Femme Saint Simonienne; Morceaux Choisis; A La Dernier Minute; Simple-Mixte (fashion for children); Les Patrons du Jardin des Modes; Les Tables du Jardin; Bric a Brac; Les Ficelles du Metier; la Beaute en Voyage; Les Tricots; Page 21-22 mostly missing. Small clipping of dress illustration from page... leer más
  14. Thumb_vogue-paris-magazine-decembre-december-1937-f63ed826-ac73-469d-92cf-d46d5922676c
    • CONDE NAST, 1937
    • Librería: Online Bookshop Jim and Mina Stachow (Canada)
    • Notas Bibliográficas: 120 pages. Text in French. Features: Parisiennes de Passage Aux Quatre Coins de Paris; La Scene et L'Ecran; Trois Types de Robes du Soir; Le Chapeau, Ami du visage; Sport de Ville; Fourrure Claire; Nouvelles Proportions; Melodie du Soir; La Taille Longue, La Taille Courte; Entr'acte de la Demi-Saison; Maquillages; Mademoiselle Eve Curie; Calendo Provencal; Campagne D'Hiver; Preparatifs Pour Les Sports D'Hiver; Le Jeu des belles autos; Osier et Rotin; Les Cadeaux De Noel; Many gorgeous vintage ads. Archival tape repair to page 49. Quarter of page 63-64 removed, apparently removing one dress ... leer más
  15. Thumb_vogue-paris-magazine-mars-march-1934-b533e049-e0f9-4b2f-aeea-36f71b097683
    • CONDE NAST, 1934
    • Librería: Online Bookshop Jim and Mina Stachow (Canada)
    • Notas Bibliográficas: 92 pages. Text in French. Features: Le Chapitre Des Chapeaux; Ensemble a Cape Pour Le Printemps; Le Mouvement Projete En Avant; L'Ecole De Ski; Sous Le Soleil De Sestrieres; Les Nouvelles Collections; A La Decouvert; Le Massage Facial; Idees Nouvelles Dans Les Bikoux; Accessoires; Fraicheir Du taffetas Quadrille; S.A.R. La Princesse Marina De grece; Mue De L'Homme, par Jean-Richard Bloch; Matins de Printemps; Sur La Cote De Floride; A Burlington House; Sur La Scene; Many gorgeous vintage ads. Above-average wear. Soiling to front cover. Binding intact. Missing pages 71-72. A worthy reference... leer más
  16. Thumb_voici-magazine-bonheur-juillet-1947-15dda676-f3fd-4fa9-b6f5-4b95cb6aadcd
    • VOICI, 1947
    • Librería: Online Bookshop Jim and Mina Stachow (Canada)
    • Notas Bibliográficas: 24 pages. Features: Victoire sur la lettre anonyme; On a Tire A Bruxelles un Feu D'artifice Eblouissant; Panorama Du Cinema Mondial; Pat - a leve le livre; Pour etre a la Page; Paris Grand Sport - ladies fashion photos; Quatres grandes sportives ont etabli la tenue ideale (fashion illustrations); 2 jours de Joie dans une petite valise (colour illustrations of ladies fashion); Fetes du Roi; Fetes du Peuple; Vivent les Vacances!; Le Soleil - ami ou ennemi?; La pitie peut-elle conduire au Bonheur; Cherchez et vous vous habillerez; On a bon appetit - a la table de dame nature (recipes); Nice co... leer más
  17. Thumb_revue-claudine-magazine-avril-33442fa7-549e-4755-937f-6fb0644e7f30
    • CLAUDINE, 1947
    • Librería: Online Bookshop Jim and Mina Stachow (Canada)
    • Notas Bibliográficas: 22 pages. Text in French. Features: Les Belles Pensees font les beaux visages (with colour photos); faites des claquettes (photo-illustrated tap dancing article); Le puzzle de Venus (with colour photos); ma jupe porte culotte (colour fashion illustrations); Mises en Plis (pleats); Imprimees Non Censurees (two pages of lovely colour dress illustrations; Intermede Indien (fiction); L'Aventure A Hollywood; Moussaillon; Nice illustrated ads. Underlining and other ink writing on Hollywood page, otherwise unmarked. Front cover loose but present. Covers loose but present. Paper moderately tanned w... leer más
  18. Thumb_modeles-collections-hiver-winter-collections-1947-1948-acb6db07-f4cc-4b49-9d37-c7ae84a32af9
    • Librería: Online Bookshop Jim and Mina Stachow (Canada)
    • Notas Bibliográficas: 32 pages. Text in French. One page of color photos of fabric swatches. All other pages contain multiple illustrations of ladies fashion, with nine of these pages illustrated in color. Sections include: Voici la mode de cet hiver; Les Tissus; Vos Modeles Choisis Chez Les Couturiers; Tailleurs et Ensembles; Redingotes; Manteaux; Manteaux Habilles; Petites Robes; L'Indispensable robe noire; Robes du soir; Jupes et blouses; Jeunes filles; Transformations; Robes de fin de journee; Tenues D'interieur. 6" x 2.5" dress image clipped from page 17, affecting a similar illustration on page 18. Unmarke... leer más
  19. Thumb_truxtun-constellation-life-commodore-thomas-88b77f93-d7a1-452c-8ba9-7866ce56aa3d
    • Librería: Online Bookshop Jim and Mina Stachow (Canada)
    • Notas Bibliográficas: 322 pages. Footnotes. Bibliography. Index. Map endpapers. "Thomas Truxtun was one of the first six captains appointed to the United States Navy by President Washington in 1794. Although he ranks with men likke John Paul Jones in the development of the navy, there has never before been a full-scale biography of this famous seaman." - dust jacket. Unmarked book tight and square with light wear. Above-average wear and soiling to dust jacket which is now preserved in archival-grade Brodart. A sound copy. leer más
  20. Thumb_come-book-riddles-3d5cdf31-94fb-4dfa-8c86-b40062a77916
    • Librería: Online Bookshop Jim and Mina Stachow (Canada)
    • Notas Bibliográficas: 63 pages. Many black and white illustrations. Unmarked with above-average but not excessive external wear. Binding intact. A sound vintage copy of this charming and fun compilation. leer más
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